Melchior Neusidler new CD

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Melchior Neusidler new CD

Messaggio  dowland58 il Mer Ott 01, 2008 12:29 pm

The new CD by Paul O' Dette,
preminent american lutenist,
is dedicated to the music
by the Renaissance German
lutenist Melchior Neusidler.

A composer well known
by lute players, but
virtually unknown by
the general public of
classic music enthusiasts.

In fact, to the best of
my knowledge, this is
the first disc wholly
dedicated to this

The choice of composer'
pieces seems to reflect
the obvious influence of
early italian Renaissance
lute music, and French
chansons: we see a number
of Fantasias, intabulations
of madrigals and French chansons,
with some dance movement.

Honour to Paul for the
composer choice, and
the usual impeccable

A first impression
(the CD will be
sold in Italy probably
in November)
before a chalm
and reflective hearing
of this disc

Il nuovo CD di Paul O'Dette,
famoso liutista americano,
è dedicato alla musica
del liutista-compositore rinascimentale
tedesco Hans Neusidler

Un compositore ben noto
ai musicisti di liuto, ma
praticamente sconosciuto
al pubblico degli appassionati
di musica classica

Di fatto, per quanto io
sappia, questo è il primo
disco interamente dedicato
alla musica di Neusidler

La scelta dei pezzi, riflette
una ovvia influenza da
parte della musica Rinascimentale
italiana e della chanson Francese:
vi sono alcune Fantasie, intavolature
di madrigali italiani e di chanson francesi,
e anche alcune danze

Onore a Paul, per la scelta
di questo compositore e
per la sua tecnica impeccabile
come sempre

Impressione al primo ascolto
(il CD verrà distribuito in
Italia probabilmente da
novembre) cui seguirà un ascolto
più calmo e meditato
dell'intero disco

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Re: Melchior Neusidler new CD

Messaggio  dowland58 il Ven Ott 03, 2008 7:44 am

Arthur J Ness (Arturo) kindly
sent to me an article to be
published about the Neusidler
Arthur J Ness ha scritto:
This message appeared on the Lute Newsgroup from Dartmouth College:

Paul O'Dette's new CD of music by Melchior Newsidler is scheduled for release later in the month. It's available as an mp3 download from Amazon now:

I scored an advance copy and it's an amazing performance. Most of the program Paul played at the 2006 LSA recital. Those of us in attendance may remember that this music seldom drops below the 8th fret!


This is exciting news. And long awaited. As I understand Paul O'Dette started planning for a CD of works by Melchior Newsidler about 15 years ago. Newsidler was very prolific (well over 200 surviving works), and Paul wanted to get to know every work before committing to a CD. How many musicians take such a thorough approach to repertory building? And the CD benefits because Paul was able to select a well balanced cross-section of the various genres in which Newsidler worked.

Newsidler (ca. 1531-after 1590), son (not brother!!**) of Hans Newsidler, is (in the opinion of many) the greatest of central European lutenist-composers of the Renaissance. His music is not easy and often will gradually extend into the lute's highest register. A master of counterpoint, he may have studied with the famous music pedagogue Sebald Heyden, who held the position of organist and choir master at the Nuremberg Church of St. Sebald in Newsidler's childhood parish.

He and his brother Conrad, also a lutenist, the only two of Hans' 18 children known to have become lutenists, were doubtlessly trained by their father, who incorporated the teaching materials into his published books, which contain much music that would appeal to a pair of young boys. They both later settled in Augsburg where Melchior was the favored lutenist of the Fuggers (he is reported to have played for them when they went sledding), and headed a popular consort, "die stille Musik." After one wedding engagement (for a Dr. Trudel and his bride), Newsidler's musicians were waylaid ("in the Turkish manner"—whatever that means) and had a mighty brawl with wind players engaged for the wedding festivities. The wind players led by the Stadtpfeifer and virtuoso recorder player Wolf Ganss felt they had been slighted because Newsidler's players dominated the evening. Among the weapons was a bombard, or Pommer, a kind of bass shawm.<g> The damaged bombard was on loan from the city's musical instrument collection, and the resulting court records tell of the fight.

A French tablature edition (not mine) with many MN ricercars and fantasias will be published soon. I'll keep you posted. In addition facsimiles of Melchior Newsidler works are available from Minkoff in Geneva, Cornetto Verlag in Stuttgart, and Dr. Becker in Cologne.
**There are two portraits of Newsidler, one is the engraving by Tobias Stimmer in the 1574 Lautenbuch, the other is an oil portrait in Oslo that is quite like the engraving, and may have been the model for the engraving. The Fuggers are said to have commissioned such a portrait of a man about 40 years of age. Unfortunately art historians base the date on the mistaken belief that Melchior was born about 1500 and was Hans's brother. Consequently their attribution is incorrect. The portraits are here:

Some music by Marco dall'Aquila, Francesco da Milano's foremost predecessor is here (in progress):
=====AJN (Boston, Mass.)=====

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